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IDE updated, version 5.04:
  • Support Odamex 0.5.2 new features (gravity, aircontrol etc)
  • Gadget: added map preview to server info, keep info while refreshing (reinstall gadget from IDE)
  • Server Tab: Ctrl-C - copy server IP:port to clipboard, Ctrl-Z - copy zds-link
  • WadNotFound dialog window: scaled according to number of wads, added "Download from server" button for proper Odamex servers
  • Single Play Tab:
    • added posibility to add predefined ports
    • autoload last config
    • independent demorecording settings, add timestamp to demoname, correct demoname when port/wads changed
  • Start Server Tab: added "global config" - common config for different Skulltag server versions
  • Demo play window: added possibility to setup additional cmd-line parameters
  • Added '-nolan' cmd-line parameter (IDE) - do NOT search LAN servers
  • Improved directory handling, fixed bug with incorrect path for ip2c.dll download
  • Fixed bug with wad-column width limitation (server/player tab)
  • Fixed minor errors
  • List of changes is here
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Views: 3200 | Added by: bond | Date: 2011-06-24 | Comments (0)

"Old man" IDE has lived to be tenth, to which event this update is dedicated. Alongside with ordinary bugfixes and small improvements there is one small toy included in this version - gadget for Windows7/Vista. IDE Gadget is small program for monitoring one selected server, functioning jointly with IDE. It is installed automatically when enabled first time, but the gadget itself needs to be activated manually with standard procedure. There are simple ways to access gadgets, for example keyboard shortcut (Windows logo key+G) or just move mouse pointer to the bottom right corner of the screen.

The easiest way to setup gadget is to select server on Servers tab and press 'G'. Small toolbar at the top of the gadget allows to look at detailed server info, refresh server or launch game. Gadget background color corresponds to the current server ping. More detailed information is in IDE help.

Other changes:

  • Optimized refresh procedure, with animation (can be turned off, in Options)
  • Support Odamex 0.5.1
  • Added/changed some dmflags in Skulltag
  • Improved look in contrast windows themes, scaled fonts
  • Single Play:
    • fixed bug with removing saved configs
    • dont set default values when change source port
    • added "Edit" button to port configuration
  • Added new server filter option: "Show Custom always"
  • Fixed minor errors
  • List of changes is here
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Views: 3432 | Added by: bond | Date: 2011-02-25 | Comments (0)

IDE updated, version 4.87:
  • Support Odamex 0.5
  • Added/changed some dmflags in Skulltag
  • Fixed minor errors
  • List of changes is here
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Views: 4554 | Added by: bond | Date: 2010-08-31 | Comments (8)

IDE updated, version 4.81:
  • Fixed bug with incorrect wads loading when IDE and wads are in the same folder
  • Added Skulltag text color "CYAN" - \cV
  • List of changes is here
Download IDE
Views: 4007 | Added by: bond | Date: 2010-05-04 | Comments (0)

IDE updated, version 4.80:
  • Added .PK7 support: search/use pwads with .PK7 extension (including getwad)
  • Corrected Skulltag dmflags
  • Added support for relative pathnames to programs/wads - all tree branch with IDE and ports/wads can be moved to another place now (flash drive, for example)
  • Improved refresh speed (tuned up small delays between sended packets)
  • Show message "no dll found" in Option Tab instead of dll setup, if proper dll is absent
  • Corrected Odamex wad files loading: remove '-file'/'-iwad' from cmd-line ('-waddir' is enough)
  • Added manual sorting for StartServer saved config list
  • Changed refresh's progress bar
  • Added possibility to move Custom Servers to the top of server list (default)
  • Added STRIFE1.WAD to supported IWAD list
  • Fixed bug sometimes occur on IDE exit
  • Improved selection bar moving in server table (dont follow empty server)
  • Fixed bug with 'aircontroldefault' not saved in ini-file (for servers)
  • Disable IRC Tab icon animation when Taskbar icon flash disabled (no animation at all)
  • Fixed minor errors
  • List of changes is here
Download IDE
Views: 2635 | Added by: bond | Date: 2010-04-29 | Comments (0)

IDE updated, version 4.71:
  • Changed to in links and zrc, updated Skulltag testing maintenance
Download IDE
Views: 3507 | Added by: bond | Date: 2009-12-21 | Comments (0)

IDE_NET updated, version–ł 3.83. Main changes are:
  • Updated versions Odamex 0.4.3, ZDaemon 1.08.08 and Skulltag 0.98a
  • Added several new parameters - look ide_net.h for details
  • And some other... Full list of changes is here
Download IDE_NET
Views: 2359 | Added by: bond | Date: 2009-12-01 | Comments (0)

IDE updated, version 4.70:
  • User interface changes:
    • Added ComCtrls v6 library to support Windows Themes (enabled/disabled in Options-Appearance)
    • Moved columns with average ping and number of successful connections from Server Table to server hint/info windows
    • Added column with IWad
    • Added dropdown menu for Filter button
    • Added 'Deaths' column in the Players table
  • Added possibility to launch Skulltag rcon utility RCON_Utility.exe - select server and press 'R'
  • Corrected/added dmflags for Skulltag (compatflags2 only works for startservers now)
  • Changed Main Skulltag IRC Server -
  • Added possibility to launch game from ZRC by clicking special hyperlink:
    server_name_or_address - dns-name or IP-address of server
    port - port (if absent, default 10666 will be used)
    st, od - ID of Skulltag or Odamex, respectively (for ZDaemon leave it empty)

    zds:// - ZDaemon server
    zds:// - Skulltag server
    zds:// - Odamex server. Default port 10666 will be used


    • For Zlauncher compatibility use only links zds://IP:port
    • It is possible to add this server to the Custom server list using popup menu for current hyperlink
  • Fixed minor errors
  • List of changes is here
Download IDE
Views: 3305 | Added by: bond | Date: 2009-10-30 | Comments (0)

IDE updated, version 4.62:
  • Support new Skulltag Master Server protocol
  • Improved demo playback - support old ZDaemon/Skulltag demos by the use of configured source ports
  • Fixed minor errors
  • List of changes is here
Download IDE
Views: 2603 | Added by: bond | Date: 2009-09-01 | Comments (0)

IDE updated, version 4.60:
  • Added possibility to launch single play game for any doom port supported standard doom command-line parameters - Single Play Tab. Just add required source port to the list and configure game parameters. The configurations may be saved and used in the future.
  • Changed the way of Skulltag testing versions downloading/launching: all binaries are downloaded and installed in the one predefined "Testing" subfolder, so its possible to configure and use common user files (configs/skins/etc..) with all testing versions. Testing archives don't deleted and can be used later instead of downloading (its possible to put them there manually also)
    It is possible to turn off autoloading of testing versions, in this case ordinary Skulltag client will be used (Options - Game Launch Parameters)
  • Fixed error in Getwad.dll led to Getwad/IDE crash
  • List of changes is here
Download IDE
Views: 2369 | Added by: bond | Date: 2009-07-10 | Comments (0)

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