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IDE updated, version 4.46:
  • Added support for new ZDaemon (1.08.08r28) features:
    • new game mode 'Survival'
    • new cvar 'maxlives' (for Survival mode)
    • new cvar 'splashfactor' - allowing rocketjums w/o player hurt
  • Do not start new IDE if it is already running (can be switched by '-multi' cmdline parameter)
  • Added possibility to alarm users if somebody enter selected servers (setup on Options tab)
  • Adjusted appearance of teamcolors in IDE controls
  • List of changes is here
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Views: 1698 | Added by: bond | Date: 2009-05-15 | Comments (0)

IDE updated, version 4.43:
  • Fixed bug with large pwad numbers (IDE could stop working)
  • Fixed bug with incorrect fragcount for negative numbers
  • Changed default Main Skulltag IRC Server to
  • ZRC preset buttons refreshed now after edit in zrc window
  • List of changes is here
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Views: 1736 | Added by: bond | Date: 2009-04-03 | Comments (0)

IDE updated, version 4.40:
  • Added Search feature on Server Tab (press Ctrl-F or click toolbar button)
  • Changed irc server address to in "Main Skulltag IRC Server" preset
  • Corrected too bright team colors (made them darker)
  • Added wadcheck support (for Odamex and ZDaemon) - check wad checksums before launching game and patch IWADs if possible (need ZDaemon autopatcher utility)
  • Added possibility to shuffle server maplist in ZDaemon
  • Added new ZDaemon server vote functions
  • List of changes is here
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Views: 1705 | Added by: bond | Date: 2009-03-13 | Comments (0)

IDE updated, version 4.35:
  • Support new Skulltag (0.97d3-RC1): domination, upnp etc..
  • Changed team-related parameters to reflect arbitrary values for colors/names
  • Moved "IDE updates" controls to Options page (from About win)
  • Added "start" command to server .bat files
  • Removed "Enable MapPreview" - "Enable HelpHints" contols all
  • Added possibility to filter servers by server version - setup together with server name
  • Added additional "aircontrol" control: "zdoom default". When checked, aircontrol is equal to 0.00390625
  • Removed server program path configuration for skulltag - client path will define both
  • In server info window, when copy info to buffer, it also shows in separate window
  • More reliable packet parsing - servers with errors in packet are marked with name <<BAD PACKET DATA>>
  • List of changes is here
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Views: 1873 | Added by: bond | Date: 2008-12-26 | Comments (3)

IDE updated, version 4.30:
  • adapted to Odamex 0.42, basically new/changed StartServer features (gametype, teamsingame, shufflemap..)
  • changed Odamex default master to ""
  • List of changes is here
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Views: 1769 | Added by: bond | Date: 2008-10-15 | Comments (1)

IDE updated, version 4.28:
  • Return back "pure ping circles" (for serious players :) - adjustable from Options Tab
  • Changed slightly current row selection in case of sort-by-player is ON (move to the top if all players leave server)
List of changes is here

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Views: 1917 | Added by: bond | Date: 2008-08-01 | Comments (3)

IDE updated, version 4.27. Main changes are:
  • Added 2 new ZDaemon dmflags2 (voodoo doll starts, vampire mode)
  • Added more detailed info about Skulltag Master responces (ban/ignore, in the Log)
  • Added possibility to use dns-names for Custom Servers
  • Added Clear button on Log tab
  • Added new "hide never responding servers" filter option
  • Added some fun on Server tab :)
  • And some other... Full list of changes is here
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Views: 1927 | Added by: bond | Date: 2008-07-21 | Comments (11)

IDE_NET updated, version 3.82. Main changes are:
  • Added Odamex support (ver. 0.4), updated versions support for ZDaemon 1.08.07 and Skulltag 0.97, removed CsDoom
  • Rewritten part of code, increased server refresh speed due to multi-threading support
  • Removed communication with ZDaemon Master server
  • And some other... Full list of changes is here
Download IDE_NET
Views: 1793 | Added by: bond | Date: 2008-07-21 | Comments (0)

IDE updated, version 4.22. Main changes are:
  • support new ZDaemon 1.08.06 features:
    • Invited servers
    • Alternative wads
    • Server voting
  • Changed ZDaemon dns names to *
  • Added voting setup for Skulltag servers
  • Added new Odamex launcher protocol features
  • Minor improvements and error fixes
  • And some other... Full list of changes is here
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Views: 2339 | Added by: bond | Date: 2008-05-27 | Comments (3)

Welcome to my new site dedicated to internet Doom utilities. Making of such sites is not my main goal, so don't be very exceptive. You can tell all your suggestions and remarks on site Forum.

IDE updated, version 4.17. Main changes are:

  • Added Play/Record Demo speedbuttons
  • Added support for Skulltag demos
  • Delayed game autostart from ServerInfo window if server is full
  • Full player name in player hint window (Player Tab)
  • Increased length of player name w/color codes (Skulltag)
  • Changed ZDaemon stat server address
  • Added additional sort by player number (Options Tab)
  • Changed Skulltag master server and corresponding cvars
  • Centered IDE window on primary monitor in multimonitors configuration
  • Corrected dmflags for Skulltag and Odamex
  • StartServer changes:
    • removed "Connection Type" - Skulltag dont use it anymore
    • removed "SpamWindow"/"SpamLimit" (ZDaemon)
    • added "UPnP" (ZDaemon)
    • Additional parameters started with "-" are placed to the .rsp file
    • in "website" cvar all "\\" changed to "//"
  • And some other... Full list of changes is here
Download IDE
Views: 2222 | Added by: bond | Date: 2008-03-03 | Comments (3)

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