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Main » 2010 » April » 29 » IDE 4.80
IDE 4.80
IDE updated, version 4.80:
  • Added .PK7 support: search/use pwads with .PK7 extension (including getwad)
  • Corrected Skulltag dmflags
  • Added support for relative pathnames to programs/wads - all tree branch with IDE and ports/wads can be moved to another place now (flash drive, for example)
  • Improved refresh speed (tuned up small delays between sended packets)
  • Show message "no dll found" in Option Tab instead of dll setup, if proper dll is absent
  • Corrected Odamex wad files loading: remove '-file'/'-iwad' from cmd-line ('-waddir' is enough)
  • Added manual sorting for StartServer saved config list
  • Changed refresh's progress bar
  • Added possibility to move Custom Servers to the top of server list (default)
  • Added STRIFE1.WAD to supported IWAD list
  • Fixed bug sometimes occur on IDE exit
  • Improved selection bar moving in server table (dont follow empty server)
  • Fixed bug with 'aircontroldefault' not saved in ini-file (for servers)
  • Disable IRC Tab icon animation when Taskbar icon flash disabled (no animation at all)
  • Fixed minor errors
  • List of changes is here
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