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Main » 2010 » August » 31 » IDE 4.87
IDE 4.87
IDE updated, version 4.87:
  • Support Odamex 0.5
  • Added/changed some dmflags in Skulltag
  • Fixed minor errors
  • List of changes is here
Download IDE
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8 Benjamin  
I couldn't find an option for the messages, but I did find it weird that the messages did appear under skulltag and odamex. So, when in ZDaemon, I was playing around with tehe tilde key. Somehow this brought the messages back.

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7 bond  
this doesnt relate to ide - it is zdaemon configuration.
try to look for it in zdaemon menu (messages).
there is also simple method - delete zdoom.ini file in zdaemon folder and reset all your game setting to default

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6 Benjamin  
No, the messages that appear on the upper left. "Blah has been splattered by a cyberdemon" or "Blah has joined the game" or "You picked up the shotgun"

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5 bond  
what do you mean, what "messages"? IRC?
and lets discuss it in forum?

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4 Benjamin  
Ever since I installed this new version, I am unable to see messages in ZDaemon. I tried reinstalling ZDaemon and I have tried installing the previous version of IDE, neither worked. Any ideas?

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3 DevilHunter  
Oh snap, so it does... Maybe i read the url wrong... shit... ok nvm then heh

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2 bond  
heh) you guys change domains too fast )
but i've tried .net - it work ok with testing versions

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1 DevilHunter  
You made a small mistake Bond... Forgot to change the Skulltag Beta link from .net to .com

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