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Doom Explorer updated, version 1.03:
  • Improved wad selection algorithm when using the keyboard
  • Single play:
    • added option to save the current video mode
    • fixed bug with saving/restoring OpenGL option
    • fixed bug with random mapname selection
  • Added option to select short Application title
  • Added option to setup main toolbar appearance
  • Fixed problem with the input focus when switching to chat
  • Fixed bug launch game on a server with a replacement address
  • Fixed bug when updating IP2C
  • Check the server before check wads when the game starts
  • Changed dmflags Zandronum 2.0
  • Added support for Rcon_utility for Zandronum
  • Fixed localization errors
  • Fixed bug with iwad in server filters
  • Minor bugs fixed
  • List of changes is here
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Views: 1805 | Added by: bond | Date: 2015-04-07 | Comments (0)

Doom Explorer   is a new launcher that is based on IDE. Virtually all components of IDE were substantially revised and improved. Among them are:


  • A significant increase in the refresh rate of servers
  • Various styles of the program interface
  • Full control over the server and player tables - you can move, resize and hide any column in the table
  • Wads control, selection one of multiple copies with true checksum (if the port allows)
  • Improved support for demos, full display of the demo info (as possible)
  • Significantly redesigned start server page interface, added a large number of parameters
  • Improved support for a single mode for the most popular ports
  • And much more ...


Download Doom Explorer

Views: 2637 | Added by: bond | Date: 2015-03-20 | Comments (3)

IDE updated, version 5.45:

  • Fixed bug with passwords in gadget
  • Fixed bug with DNS refresh
  • Added date to Log
  • Added button "Save config" (Options)
  • Minor bugs fixed
  • List of changes is here

Download IDE

Views: 1993 | Added by: bond | Date: 2015-03-20 | Comments (0)

IDE updated, version 5.40:

  • Support Odamex version 0.7.0
  • Improved DNS support for custom servers
  • Fixed ZDaemon maxclients - 100
  • Minor bugs fixed
  • List of changes is here

Download IDE

Views: 3981 | Added by: bond | Date: 2014-03-31 | Comments (0)

IDE updated, version 5.36:
  • Support ZDaemon version 1.10: SSD, Server wads download, increased number of players etc
  • Improved ZDaemon demo support
  • Fixed ZDaemon authorization problems for Custom and LAN servers
  • Fixed bug with player color for Zandronum
  • Updated dmflags for all ports
  • Fixed bugs in server refresh thread, optimized refresh
  • Updated iwad patch procedure (added bfg-edition iwads, removed shareware)
  • Sort selected/disabled can be turned off/on
  • Added possibility to exclude wadnames from analyse for map preview. Add these names to "WADEXCEPTIONS.TXT" file in "MAPS" folder
  • Hid "skulltag_actors" and "skulltag_data" wads from pwads column (they are steel present in proper hint)
  • StartServer: corrected bug with empty strings in Additional parameters
  • StartServer: changed map insert order in the middle of the list
  • StartServer: added option "Add to Custom" in Visibility
  • Added Replacement Address feature: using hidden address instead of one present in master-list. Can be usefull for own servers which external addresses arent accessible behind router. Shortcut - Q
  • List of changes is here
Download IDE
Views: 3405 | Added by: bond | Date: 2013-12-26 | Comments (0)

IDE updated, version 5.25:
  • ZDaemon:
    • Support version 1.09
    • Removed 1.08 support
    • Enhanced user authorization: check name before launch game (optional), store all successful accounts in the list to simplify name changing
    • Added new gametype: King of the Hill
    • Added new dmflags
    • Added support of join password
    • Added demos .ZDL and zddemotool support, fixed minor errors with demos
    • Added killlimit support
    • Indicate instagib servers with icon
    • StartServer: "UPNP" is always ON
  • Zandronum:
    • Changed Skulltag to Zandronum: labels, images, addresses etc
    • Increased max players to 64
    • Added new dmflags
    • Note: To play on Skulltag servers, create "Skulltag" subfolder in Zandronum folder and copy Skulltag files there
  • Sort spectators down in player list
  • SinglePlay: added possibility to start game from intro screen (map = <intro>)
  • Added button to switch between full/filtered servers stat (right bottom corner)
  • List of changes is here
Download IDE
Views: 6865 | Added by: bond | Date: 2012-09-10 | Comments (0)

IDE updated, version 5.18:
  • Added support of Zandronum testing versions:
    • Setup Options-Programs-Skulltag to Skulltag 0.98d exe
    • Check "Enable Skulltag autotesting" on Options-Launch Game Parameters
    IDE will automatically download and install required Zandronum testing versions
    Note: you can put required zip into the "Testing" subfolder yourself, if IDE fails to find it.
  • Added possibility to exclude one bot servers from sorting by players
  • Added possibility to stop autorefresh servers when in game
  • List of changes is here
Download IDE
Views: 3944 | Added by: bond | Date: 2012-07-17 | Comments (0)

IDE updated, version 5.14:
  • Odamex:
    • Support 0.6.0
    • Added new server variables
    • Added voting setup on server
    • Fixed password problem
    • Ctrl-O in server list copy odamex link to clipboard
  • Fixed problem when GetWad block serverinfo window
  • GetWad can download optional files (Options)
  • Added ping color to player column
  • Added some voting commands for Skulltag
  • Support some new ZDaemon features
  • List of changes is here
Download IDE
Views: 3858 | Added by: bond | Date: 2012-05-12 | Comments (0)

IDE updated, version 5.08:
  • Changed default Skulltag master address to ''
  • By default GetWAD doesn't block IDE now. To return back the old behavior, set it in Options-Optional Components-GetWad
  • Fixed bug when IDE didnt find wads downloaded by getwad
  • Fixed some minor errors in StartServer
  • List of changes is here
Download IDE
Views: 4621 | Added by: bond | Date: 2011-10-19 | Comments (2)

IDE updated, version 5.07:
  • ZDaemon:
    • Added DoubleDomination gametype
    • Corrected dmflags
    • added support for new demo format (.zdd)
  • Skulltag:
    • Corrected dmflags
    • Save/restore ST globalconfig parameter for each server config
  • Odamex:
    • added new 0.5.4 server variables (flags)
    • added demos support
  • Corrected empty rcon password problem
  • Reinstall (upgrade) gadget automatically
  • Made serverstart config files hidden
  • List of changes is here
Download IDE
Views: 3143 | Added by: bond | Date: 2011-08-30 | Comments (0)

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