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IDE updated, version 4.51:
  • Fixed bug which could provoke misbehavior or crash IDE when game launch is sigificantly delayed (due to downloading wads or other files)
  • Added support of sv_maxlives cvar in Skulltag server setup
  • List of changes is here
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Views: 2291 | Added by: bond | Date: 2009-06-19 | Comments (0)

IDE updated, version 4.50:
  • Added ability to start Skulltag client test versions (if server is properly configured)
  • Added "Don't show this message again" checkbox to ide/ip2c update notification windows (can be configured from Options also)
  • LAN servers can be moved to the top of list (default) - Options
  • Added small delay between consequent game launches to prevent accidental iterative launch
  • fixed minor problems on StartServer tab
  • List of changes is here
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Views: 2159 | Added by: bond | Date: 2009-06-11 | Comments (1)

IDE updated, version 4.46:
  • Added support for new ZDaemon (1.08.08r28) features:
    • new game mode 'Survival'
    • new cvar 'maxlives' (for Survival mode)
    • new cvar 'splashfactor' - allowing rocketjums w/o player hurt
  • Do not start new IDE if it is already running (can be switched by '-multi' cmdline parameter)
  • Added possibility to alarm users if somebody enter selected servers (setup on Options tab)
  • Adjusted appearance of teamcolors in IDE controls
  • List of changes is here
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Views: 1911 | Added by: bond | Date: 2009-05-15 | Comments (0)

IDE updated, version 4.43:
  • Fixed bug with large pwad numbers (IDE could stop working)
  • Fixed bug with incorrect fragcount for negative numbers
  • Changed default Main Skulltag IRC Server to
  • ZRC preset buttons refreshed now after edit in zrc window
  • List of changes is here
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Views: 1932 | Added by: bond | Date: 2009-04-03 | Comments (0)

IDE updated, version 4.40:
  • Added Search feature on Server Tab (press Ctrl-F or click toolbar button)
  • Changed irc server address to in "Main Skulltag IRC Server" preset
  • Corrected too bright team colors (made them darker)
  • Added wadcheck support (for Odamex and ZDaemon) - check wad checksums before launching game and patch IWADs if possible (need ZDaemon autopatcher utility)
  • Added possibility to shuffle server maplist in ZDaemon
  • Added new ZDaemon server vote functions
  • List of changes is here
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Views: 1896 | Added by: bond | Date: 2009-03-13 | Comments (0)

IDE updated, version 4.35:
  • Support new Skulltag (0.97d3-RC1): domination, upnp etc..
  • Changed team-related parameters to reflect arbitrary values for colors/names
  • Moved "IDE updates" controls to Options page (from About win)
  • Added "start" command to server .bat files
  • Removed "Enable MapPreview" - "Enable HelpHints" contols all
  • Added possibility to filter servers by server version - setup together with server name
  • Added additional "aircontrol" control: "zdoom default". When checked, aircontrol is equal to 0.00390625
  • Removed server program path configuration for skulltag - client path will define both
  • In server info window, when copy info to buffer, it also shows in separate window
  • More reliable packet parsing - servers with errors in packet are marked with name <<BAD PACKET DATA>>
  • List of changes is here
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Views: 2078 | Added by: bond | Date: 2008-12-26 | Comments (3)

IDE updated, version 4.30:
  • adapted to Odamex 0.42, basically new/changed StartServer features (gametype, teamsingame, shufflemap..)
  • changed Odamex default master to ""
  • List of changes is here
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Views: 1987 | Added by: bond | Date: 2008-10-15 | Comments (1)

IDE updated, version 4.28:
  • Return back "pure ping circles" (for serious players :) - adjustable from Options Tab
  • Changed slightly current row selection in case of sort-by-player is ON (move to the top if all players leave server)
List of changes is here

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Views: 2137 | Added by: bond | Date: 2008-08-01 | Comments (3)

IDE updated, version 4.27. Main changes are:
  • Added 2 new ZDaemon dmflags2 (voodoo doll starts, vampire mode)
  • Added more detailed info about Skulltag Master responces (ban/ignore, in the Log)
  • Added possibility to use dns-names for Custom Servers
  • Added Clear button on Log tab
  • Added new "hide never responding servers" filter option
  • Added some fun on Server tab :)
  • And some other... Full list of changes is here
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Views: 2219 | Added by: bond | Date: 2008-07-21 | Comments (11)

IDE_NET updated, version 3.82. Main changes are:
  • Added Odamex support (ver. 0.4), updated versions support for ZDaemon 1.08.07 and Skulltag 0.97, removed CsDoom
  • Rewritten part of code, increased server refresh speed due to multi-threading support
  • Removed communication with ZDaemon Master server
  • And some other... Full list of changes is here
Download IDE_NET
Views: 2041 | Added by: bond | Date: 2008-07-21 | Comments (0)

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