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Doom Explorer updated, version 2.36:

  • Improved work with wads checksums:
    • wads are checked when connecting to the server, when playing the demo and when updating the server using the spacebar
    • the process of checksums calculating is shown in a separate window and can be interrupted ("Cancel" button or Esc key) - in this case, only the availability of wads is checked
    • the results of the checksums calculation are displayed by pictograms:
      - checksum match
      - checksum doesn't match
      - checksum doesn't match, but wad is optional
    • checksums calculation can be turned off: Options - Wads - Enable wad check
  • For most dialogs, an exit on the ESC key has been added (similarly to the “Cancel” button)
  • Added support for ZDaemon server screen modes ("Widescreen 16:9" and "Fullscreen 4:3") as separate setting in StartServer - Misc (instead of dmflag edit) and showing information about the server
  • Improved the interface of the filter editor - for large lists of parameters, hints have been added
  • For ZDaemon server demos, a catalog from the server settings to search for wads has been added
  • Some minor bugs fixed

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