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Doom Explorer  is a launcher for most popular Doom ports, with user-friendly interface and a number of useful features. It supports both single and multiplayer game modes, allows you to set up and run your own servers and communicate with friends via built-in chat.

The basic properties of Doom Explorer:

  Convenient way to start a single player game with a choice of wads, cards, and other parameters, easy ports switching, saving of configurations
  Full support for main client-server ports, search and display information from all servers in the list, a separate page with a list of all online players
  Creating and maintaining a list of buddies, tracking the emergence of buddies and the possibility of rapid communication with them
  Full support for the ZDaemon authorization system, creating and managing user accounts, search for ZDaemon players
  Easy setup and start the server
  Built-in chat on the basis of a specially crafted IRC client working closely with all components of Doom Explorer
  Convenient, fast and functional interface, a variety of styles (appearance) of the program, the possibility of localization for any language

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