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Doom Explorer updated, version 2.17:

  • Added support for Zandronum 3.1 - new dmflags, voting commands, server country setting
    • The method of determining the country - from the IP address or from the server settings - is set in Options-General, both options are indicated in tooltips and extended information about the server
    • In the server configuration you can set the country in the 'Names, URLs' section
  • Added new dmflags3 for ZDaemon 1.10.20
  • Switching to the own version of ip2c.dll - it is compatible with the version from ZDaemon, but contains more recent data on the addresses geolocation
  • Added command line parameter '-portable' ('-p') - it is similar to the '-appdir' parameter, i.e. sets the program folder for storing all working files, and additionally converts all file paths to relative ones (sets the Options-General-'Relative paths' parameter)
  • Added the ability to select a client when starting a multiplayer game: Ctrl-Enter or Ctrl-DblClick. The list of clients is made up of configured custom ports with the same program name as the main port.
    For example, if the main port is set to Zandronum 3.1, then to play on Zandronum 3.0 servers, you need to add a custom port and specify the zandronum.exe file from the folder with version 3.0. After that, on servers with 3.0, click while holding Ctrl and select the desired version
  • Odamex servers with a version less than the current one are now also displayed in the list
  • Some minor bugs fixed

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