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Main » 2008 » July » 21 » IDE 4.27
IDE 4.27
IDE updated, version 4.27. Main changes are:
  • Added 2 new ZDaemon dmflags2 (voodoo doll starts, vampire mode)
  • Added more detailed info about Skulltag Master responces (ban/ignore, in the Log)
  • Added possibility to use dns-names for Custom Servers
  • Added Clear button on Log tab
  • Added new "hide never responding servers" filter option
  • Added some fun on Server tab :)
  • And some other... Full list of changes is here
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11 Kirillovs  
Бывают в жизни огорченья surprised
Но это не тот случай cry

10 doommarine  
angry coloured circies are fuckers lol no

9 doommarine  
i hate snilleys fuck laurens krol

8 bond  
i can do this sorting changes, the only difference i think is that new position will be the top line, not current one

7 ufon  
i'm sorry now i see you have a forum for this wink

6 ufon  
i don't like the smilies either, so i'm with Punaxe on this, i'm finding them VERY distracting

there is also another thing but it's not related to this realease, when you have servers sorted by players(as most users have), when you refresh a server where there were players before but now the server is empty, the server is put back in the server list (by other sorting methods selected), however, your cursor follows this server, so you jump from top of the list where all the populated servers are, to a middle of nowhere and you have to scroll all the way up , this is a major inconvinience, what should happen is, the cursor stays on the same line number, only the order of servers changes - i can see how this can cause problems when other major sorting method is selected, like ping or map since these can change as well as game progresses, so this could be applied only when sorting by players is in use

5 bond  
there is also Server Info window (Z or MiddleMouseButton from server tab) - it has autorefresh feature (though not so frequent)

4 Punaxe  
EDIT: Wow, I must've been really blind. The team scores are there. Never mind biggrin

3 Punaxe  
It's not that I just dislike smileys, I also think their colours aren't as good as the previous ones, especially since green one is almost half white because of the teeth :P

And well, IDE used to have team scores on the Players tab. When watching a CTF tourney, I always set the auto-refresh to 1 second and watched the Players tab where I could see everything: players, frags and team score without doing anything. Now I have to go to the Servers tab which doesn't give much information in a single glance, hover my mouse over the players to see the scores and move it again after refreshing. I hardly ever went to the Servers tab, I preferred being able to do and see everything (more than at Servers) from the Players tab...

2 bond  
heh) you are too serious imho )
but ok, i'll do it as option probably

team scores present on Player tab - under server name. isn't it enough?

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